Hawk vom Grünewald SchH3 CD


born 20 October 1989 – died October 2002

Harro aus der Lechrainstadt
SchH3 FH IP3
*Dax von der Kesmarker Tränke
SchH3 FH IP3
*Racker vom Itztal
SchH3 FH
*Pirol vom Kirschental SchH3
*Nina vom Itztal SchH1
*Hera vom Seeblick
*Cero zum alten Wasserrad SchH3
*Dora vom Oelkofen SchH1
*Elly vom Windachquell
*Eros vom Busecker Schloss *Mike vom Bungalow SchH3
*Seffe vom Busecker Schloss SchH2
*Pia von der Paarquelle
*Axel vom Gruendel SchH3
*Dixi von der Paarquelle SchH2 HGH
*Amie von Thuringen
“a” Zuerkannt USA
AKC D741901
*Enno vom Beilstein
*Anderl vom kleinen Pfahl
*Mutz von der Pelztierfarm SchH3
*Flora vom Eichlbrunn SchH1
*Centi von der Ruine Schoenrain
*Satan vom Pilgersberg SchH3
Ilse vom Kirschental HGH
*Anka vom Friedenheim
SchH3 FH
*Ulk vom Bungalow
SchH3 FH
*Caro vom Allerswald SchH3 FH IP3
*Pali vom Bungalow SchH3 FH
*Koinonia vom Birkland
*Bodo vom Gruendautal SchH3
*Friga vom Allerswald SchH3

Calm & laid back enough to hang out all day in front of the engineering building at Montana State University, greeting the girls (he loved girls) as they came up the steps while waiting for me to come out so we could play. My first dog with awesome obedience — there’s no feeling like it. Unfortunately, all his calm disappeared on the protection field, and we failed “out of control” several times. And 100 points in tracking for his SchH2 in Snohomish. He took me to my first SchH3 title. He tried hard to be a good dog!

I have to tell a funny story about Hawk’s SchH3 routine in Salt Lake City. The trial was in a large baseball facility. While we were working on one ball diamond, there were other games going on in several other fields. Lots of people, kids.

I never liked bi-colours ’till I got Hawk — now I think they’re the most striking colour around.

(photo by V Douwes)

(photo by V Douwes)

Practicing for his SchH 1 with me 8 months pregnant. Photo by Linda Best of the Bozeman Chronicle.

SchH1 at Snohomish shortly after DJ was born in 1994 (Photographer unknown)

SchH3 in Helena at Treasure State (Photo by David Macias)

Fall 2001 — Old man in the woods.

Hawk was a wonderful obedience dog. I hate that he’s grown old, and we no longer work together. That sense of teamwork was awesome — it was like a dream. I always knew where he was without looking. Ohhhh, but I wish we’d had that same control on the protection field!