About Us

DJ, Saga & Bubba, 2001

We’ve been in Montana since the winter of ’86. Before that we lived in the flatlands of California’s central valley, in the fantasy town of Davis.

We were members of the Davis Dog Training Club and were introduced to Schutzhund and tracking by Bill & Carolyn Dotson (now of Virginia) and their Black Dogs, especially Greenfield’s Fleur des Lis.

Living in Davis we were just a short distance from various Schutzhund clubs which we visited occasionally, but it took moving to Montana, where it was a 400 mile drive to the next nearest club, to get competitively involved. Visiting Germans shake their heads and mutter “Crazy Americans” when we tell them how far we drive to train! The friendship and camaraderie of clubs in Washington, Utah, Colorado, California and Alberta have made it all worthwhile.

Big Sky Schutzhund Club was formed in the mid-1990s, giving us the structure to hold annual trials and seminars. And in 2009, Warren became a performance judge for United Schutzhund Clubs of America and was also Regional Director of the Pacific Northwest Region of the USCA.

WJ's other hobby

Sam keeps busy with a mobile store selling sport and agility dog supplies called K9FUN Store, teaches classes and private instruction in obedience and competition, agility and companion dogs for disabled, blogs about dog training, designs tee shirts and other dog sport apparel, and does web design and graphics.

Fall 2008

Our son DJ was born in 1994. To prove to ourselves and everyone else that our lives weren’t going to change, we got a puppy that was born two days after DJ. Cindy was a wonderful family dog, but she didn’t get nearly as much training as she deserved!

DJ loves the dogs, but isn’t interested in dog training or competing in dog trials of any sort. And he really doesn’t think Schutzhund is cool, what’s up with that? He loves his Aussie, Corbie, and likes the German shepherds — he especially likes messing with Dax and making him go “rooo roo” — but he says he’ll never own a malinois when he grows up. No way.

Christmas 1994
Cindy, Ryker, Chloe (Santa) Derek, Maggie, Hawk, Bazi

Summer in Montana

Rosie, Hawk, Ryker (behind), Cindy & DJ ca. 1999

One of our favourite places – Theos Pizza in Ocean Beach, San Diego. No longer there, unfortunately. Now it’s some yuppie bistro.

Theos Ocean Beach

Theos Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, 2005

Ocean Beach, winter 2005

Ocean Beach

The OB pier