Saga vom Grüne­wald SchH2 CD

Bodie vom Tief­en­wald SchH 3 KKL 1“a” x Citty “CeCe” von der Schiff­slache SchH 3 KKL2“a“
born 17 June 2000 — died 13 Decem­ber 2010
OFA Excel­lent GS-70673E52F-PI


Saga sum­mer 2001

Bodie vom Tief­en­waldSchH3 FH KKL 1 “a” Pirol v.‘t Enclave­hof IP1 SchH3
Jarra vom Grune­wald SchH3
*Citty von der Schiff­slache SchH 3 Boomer vom Ems­bo­gen SchH3 FH
Kora vom Schwar­zen Brink SchH3 FH
Saga is a strong female, with full, firm, hard grips and good drives.
Track­ing: fast but accur­ate. Good drive for tracking.
Obed­i­ence: Excel­lent heel­ing. Bid­dable and will­ing. A typ­ical Ger­man shep­herd, she takes cor­rec­tions well and works bet­ter with “tra­di­tional” train­ing meth­ods than with lur­ing and shaping.
She’s a devoted fam­ily dog, and reserved to sus­pi­cious with strangers.
Favour­ite game: Derek shoot­ing her with his air­soft gun.


March 2001 — 9 months old

March 2001

March 2001

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Saga after tracking

Saga 2007