Saga vom Grünewald SchH2 CD

Bodie vom Tiefenwald SchH 3 KKL 1″a” x Citty “CeCe” von der Schiffslache SchH 3 KKL2″a”
born 17 June 2000 – died 13 December 2010
OFA Excellent GS-70673E52F-PI


Saga summer 2001

Bodie vom TiefenwaldSchH3 FH KKL 1 “a” Pirol v.’t Enclavehof IP1 SchH3
Jarra vom Grunewald SchH3
*Citty von der Schiffslache SchH 3 Boomer vom Emsbogen SchH3 FH
Kora vom Schwarzen Brink SchH3 FH
Saga is a strong female, with full, firm, hard grips and good drives.
Tracking: fast but accurate. Good drive for tracking.
Obedience: Excellent heeling. Biddable and willing. A typical German shepherd, she takes corrections well and works better with “traditional” training methods than with luring and shaping.
She’s a devoted family dog, and reserved to suspicious with strangers.
Favourite game: Derek shooting her with his airsoft gun.


March 2001 - 9 months old

March 2001

March 2001

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Saga after tracking

Saga 2007