ASCA CH Woodstock’s Mag­gie Mae SchH 1 ASCA CD(X) AKC CD(X)

26 Novem­ber 1985 — 27 Novem­ber 2000

aka “Maggie-Mutt Wag­gie Butt“
aka “Maggie-Wags-It”

Mag­gie was my heart dog — I adored her. She sparkled with intel­li­gence and delight. She was a great Schutzhund dog, with a fly­ing cour­age test and an act­ive, strong, hold and bark. Barely 40 pounds, she was a def­in­ite pocket rocket! Her obed­i­ence was enthu­si­astic, but since she was my first “pos­it­ive” dog, she lacked a little con­trol. If agil­ity had been avail­able in those days, I have no doubt that she would have excelled. In herd­ing she had a nat­ural gather and rate. And while she was a con­form­a­tion cham­pion, she hated being a show dog, par­tic­u­larly hav­ing to get BATHS! Ugh!

Mag­gie fin­ished two legs each on her AKC and ASCA CDX before she was severly injured in a dog fight with Zarga, an import shep­herd. Mag­gie ended up los­ing a front leg and was unable to fin­ish her titles. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be able to do it over again.

Maggie’s father Mikey was one of my all-time favour­ite dogs. He was a delight, beau­ti­ful to look at and fun to be around. Mikey could have done any­thing you asked.

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The Fid­dler of Didgeridu

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Mag­gie and Lee, Liv­ing­ston, ca. 1989

CH The Fid­dler of Didgeridu

CH Suc­ce­sor of Windermere


CH Flash­back of windermere

CD ATD-d,s

CH Sun’s Mark of Win­dermere
Westwind’s Miss Moon Glow
CH After­thought of Windermere Windermere’s Sun­shine of Bonnie-Blu
Fisher’s Blue Heather of Windermere
Kaitaia Fiddle-De-Dee Patch­work Fiddle CH Field­mas­ter of Flintridge
CH Windsong’s Foggy Notion
Kaitaia Punkin Eater Tri-Ivory Fear­less Fosdick
Buster’s Kelly of Kaitaia
CH Tri-Ivory I’ve Got A Secret CH Arrog­ance of Heatherhill

CD Std-d

Windermere’s Sun­shine of bonnie-Blu


CH Wildhagen’s Dutch­man of Flintridge
Thistle of Flintridge
Sweet Sea­sons of Heatherhill CH Wildhagen’s Dutch­man of Flintridge
McCorkle’s Blue Tule Fog
CH Wan­na­bee An Apple Blossom Tri-Ivory Yan­kee Dandy


Ealand’s Nemo Blue­ch­ips
Tri-Me Yank’s P.J.
Fieldmaster’s Bon­nie Lass CH Field­mas­ter of Flintridge
Chilly Col­or­ado of Flintridge