Incense Cedar of Cheshire UD ATD s,c OTD d

Cedar was mom to Logan, Sin­ner and Duncan. She was the smartest dog I’ve ever met, never for­got a friend, and never for­got to bite a stranger. She was great on sheep, tough on cattle, loved work­ing pigs and hated ducks

She was 18 inches tall and tough as nails. We kept Cedar for a year while Kat­rin trav­elled to New Zea­l­and. Kat­rin told us we could do any­thing with her we wanted to while she was gone; breed her, show her, train her— any­thing at all — “except for that bite stuff you do! Cedar already KNOWS how to bite!”

Well, Katrin’s plane prob­ably wasn’t even off the ground before we had Cedar out at a Schutzhund train­ing ses­sion. And she was awe­some! She loved the pro­tec­tion work, under­stood the game com­pletely, yet was whole-hearted and ser­i­ous in the work. And, she never bit a single per­son off the train­ing field the entire year we had her.

I would love to find a Ger­man shep­herd with the strength of char­ac­ter, focus and intens­ity that Cedar had.

Higgin’s Pinkie
ASCA B 1798
OFA AS 467
NSD# (3)A 2733–76214
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