Rian’s (Nelson’s) Sussie


Sire: Brown’s Rocky
Dam: Nelson’s Cockleburr

Back in the early 80s I worked for Betty Nel­son for a bit. She had a red female named Cockle­burr that I adored — and when someone brought back a puppy of Cockleburr’s that didn’t work out, I jumped at the chance and took her home. She was a gor­geous red merle female named Susie (spelt Sussie on her regis­tra­tion papers) whom I imme­di­ately renamed “Rose”.

Rose fit right in to our fam­ily, and I was work­ing her in herd­ing, obed­i­ence and Schutzhund. But, some­thing came up — I think someone offered real money to buy her — and War­ren said “too many dogs!” Rose went to a large west coast ken­nel where she was bred once. Later, I heard through the grape-vine that her now-owner said she attacked him and had her put down. Some­thing I can’t even ima­gine from the dog I knew. Giv­ing up Rose is one of my great regrets…

The pho­tos below were taken on a walk at the Arbor­etum in Davis, then the film sat in a box in the gar­age for years before being developed. Apo­lo­gies for the poor photo quality…

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