War­ren had grown up with dac­shunds, and when he was ready to get his first dog, he wasn’t sure what he wanted. Sam and War­ren were next door neigh­bours at the time, and since he knew sam was a “dog per­son”, he asked her to come with him to look at a lit­ter of Shel­tie mix puppies.

One of those pups was Reyna.

Reyna as a pup — late 70s

Reyna loved hik­ing, chas­ing sticks, rocks and any­thing else you would throw.

Reyna in the mountains

When she grew old, Reyna moved in with Warren’s mom and dad in Wood­land, Cali­for­nia, as the win­ters in Montana were get­ting too hard on her.

Say­ing good­bye in Woodland