McCloud of Lodestar

b. 31st March 1984 — d. Feb­ru­ary 1986
Sire: Tas­min
Dam: Sinner


Shortly before mov­ing to Montana, we lived west of Davis in a migrant labor shack in an almond orch­ard. The dogs were kenneled in our absence, but when we were home they had the run of hun­dreds of acres of trees, and rarely were out of sight. All except for Jake, who occa­sion­ally went on walk-about by him­self. Until the day that Jake took McLeod and the dumped dober­mann Cap­itan for a run from which none of them returned. We searched every­where, and talked with all the neigh­bours — no one admit­ted to hav­ing seen them. But los­ing all three dogs at once makes me believe that they must have been shot and shov­elled. Poor McLeod, he didn’t deserve that fate…