Hawk vom Grüne­wald SchH3 CD


born 20 Octo­ber 1989 — died Octo­ber 2002

Harro aus der Lechrain­stadt
SchH3 FH IP3
*Dax von der Kes­marker Tränke
SchH3 FH IP3
*Racker vom Itztal
SchH3 FH
*Pirol vom Kirschental SchH3
*Nina vom Itztal SchH1
*Hera vom Seeblick
*Cero zum alten Wasser­rad SchH3
*Dora vom Oelkofen SchH1
*Elly vom Win­dachquell
*Eros vom Busecker Schloss *Mike vom Bun­ga­low SchH3
*Seffe vom Busecker Schloss SchH2
*Pia von der Paar­quelle
*Axel vom Gru­endel SchH3
*Dixi von der Paar­quelle SchH2 HGH
*Amie von Thurin­gen
“a” Zuerkannt USA
AKC D741901
*Enno vom Beil­stein
*Anderl vom kleinen Pfahl
*Mutz von der Pelzti­er­farm SchH3
*Flora vom Eichl­brunn SchH1
*Centi von der Ruine Schoen­rain
*Satan vom Pil­gers­berg SchH3
Ilse vom Kirschental HGH
*Anka vom Fried­en­heim
SchH3 FH
*Ulk vom Bun­ga­low
SchH3 FH
*Caro vom Aller­swald SchH3 FH IP3
*Pali vom Bun­ga­low SchH3 FH
*Koino­nia vom Birk­land
*Bodo vom Gru­endautal SchH3
*Friga vom Aller­swald SchH3

Calm & laid back enough to hang out all day in front of the engin­eer­ing build­ing at Montana State Uni­ver­sity, greet­ing the girls (he loved girls) as they came up the steps while wait­ing for me to come out so we could play. My first dog with awe­some obed­i­ence — there’s no feel­ing like it. Unfor­tu­nately, all his calm dis­ap­peared on the pro­tec­tion field, and we failed “out of con­trol” sev­eral times. And 100 points in track­ing for his SchH2 in Sno­hom­ish. He took me to my first SchH3 title. He tried hard to be a good dog!

I have to tell a funny story about Hawk’s SchH3 routine in Salt Lake City. The trial was in a large base­ball facil­ity. While we were work­ing on one ball dia­mond, there were other games going on in sev­eral other fields. Lots of people, kids.

I never liked bi-colours ’till I got Hawk — now I think they’re the most strik­ing col­our around.

(photo by V Douwes)

(photo by V Douwes)

Prac­ti­cing for his SchH 1 with me 8 months preg­nant. Photo by Linda Best of the Boze­man Chronicle.

SchH1 at Sno­hom­ish shortly after DJ was born in 1994 (Pho­to­grapher unknown)

SchH3 in Helena at Treas­ure State (Photo by David Macias)

Fall 2001 — Old man in the woods.

Hawk was a won­der­ful obed­i­ence dog. I hate that he’s grown old, and we no longer work together. That sense of team­work was awe­some — it was like a dream. I always knew where he was without look­ing. Ohhhh, but I wish we’d had that same con­trol on the pro­tec­tion field!