Diva vom Das Wendl-Rudel

V — Diego von der Felsen­mühle SchH 3 KKL1“a”   x   SG — Konku­bine “Kona” vom Teuchel­wald SchH 1 KKL1

born 30 March 2001

I bought Diva from Becky Wendtland as a puppy because I loved her ped­i­gree. Diva was a very sweet dog. She loved people, other dogs, kids, pup­pies, you name it. She also was shap­ing into an excel­lent agil­ity dog. But, I really wanted a Schutzhund, and Diva didn’t see the point. I was talk­ing with a friend who sug­ges­ted I might con­sider donat­ing her to Guide Dogs for the Blind. I called an eval­u­ator, and made arrange­ments to meet her in Poca­tello, Idaho.

Diva passed the ini­tial eval­u­ation with fly­ing col­ours, and was taken to Ore­gon to enroll in Guide Dog School, where they changed her name to “Dima”. She passed school and was placed with a blind per­son in Edmon­ton, Alberta. I’ve got her gradu­ation cere­mony on video tape; if I can fig­ure out how, I’ll add it here. I lost track of her after that, and hope that she had a happy work­ing life. She cer­tainly deserved it.