Diva vom Das Wendl-Rudel

V – Diego von der Felsenmühle SchH 3 KKL1″a”   x   SG – Konkubine “Kona” vom Teuchelwald SchH 1 KKL1

born 30 March 2001

I bought Diva from Becky Wendtland as a puppy because I loved her pedigree. Diva was a very sweet dog. She loved people, other dogs, kids, puppies, you name it. She also was shaping into an excellent agility dog. But, I really wanted a Schutzhund, and Diva didn’t see the point. I was talking with a friend who suggested I might consider donating her to Guide Dogs for the Blind. I called an evaluator, and made arrangements to meet her in Pocatello, Idaho.

Diva passed the initial evaluation with flying colours, and was taken to Oregon to enroll in Guide Dog School, where they changed her name to “Dima”. She passed school and was placed with a blind person in Edmonton, Alberta. I’ve got her graduation ceremony on video tape; if I can figure out how, I’ll add it here. I lost track of her after that, and hope that she had a happy working life. She certainly deserved it.