Cindy von der Schiffslache

b. 30 June 1994

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Cindy was born two days after Derek, and she was his con­stant com­pan­ion in his younger years. Cindy’s back was injured dur­ing a train­ing ses­sion over in Spokane, and she was retired from sport. She went on to live with a friend’s father in Mis­soula, Montana, and was his con­stant hik­ing com­pan­ion. Derek was unhappy at this decision, and I don’t think he has ever for­given us.

Cindy’s sis­ter Citty “CeCe” went on to achieve SchH3 and was bred sev­eral times; she is the mother to Saga.

V Boomer vom Ems­bo­gen SCHH3/FH G-BSP,3XLGA V Astor vom Schel­men­turm SCHH3 (V-BSP) FH
Gimmy von Haus Lar­win VH1/IP3
G Kora vom Schwar­zen Brink SCHH3 (SG-LGA) FH1 Arko vom Stof­fel­blick SchH3
Gesha vom Sch­er­wald SchH2