Beyond this shore and the farther shore,

beyond the beyond, where there is no beginning and no end,

without fear, go.

— Dhammapada

Rosie & Ivan, 1999

Looking through the list of dogs below, I realise we have had more than our share of Heart Dogs. Both Maggie and Rosie had something more than dog awareness inside them… they showed an uncanny sense of self and knowledge of their place in the world. They were intelligent and beautiful, responsive and aware. When they looked you in the eye, you felt your soul touched.

Ryker was defined by the word “sovereignty”. We used to think it was because we were such good dog trainers that we could have five intact male dogs together in the house. We learnt after Ryker’s death that he had been the guiding light, the benevolent leader, that kept the home in order. He was, and always will be, Warren’s heart dog, although that place is now occupied by Harley as well.

And then there was Logan. What I wouldn’t give to do it over again. I’m sorry for all the mistakes I made with him, and wish I could show him how much I’ve learnt. Not that he had a bad life, on the contrary! When Logan grew up, dogs still could go to school, even into the class rooms, leashes weren’t required, and we spent many hours hiking and swimming. Later he went to work with me almost every day of his life. It really was good, I just wish I could show him how much fun obedience can be!

Most of the dogs below were raised with us and died with us. A few came and spent only a little while in our family, but we are richer for knowing them. Diva (to the best of my knowledge) and Digger are still alive; Digger is happy in Arizona and while he can’t run as far or as fast after sticks anymore, we just heard towards the end of 2010 that he’s still doing well.

We’re honoured to have such great dogs in our lives. What a journey!

Hawk vom Grünewald
1989 – 2001
SchH3 CD

Ali von Herzenfreude
24 September 1999 –



Harley du Loups du Soleil
June 2002 – March 2011


Saga vom Grünewald
2000 – 2010
SchH2 CD
(Diva das Wendl Rudel)
(Digger vom Patiala)


Rose vom Enztal 1998
Ivan vom Schloss im Wald SchH2
1996 – 2008


Cindy aus der Schiffslache
Rodon’s Sweet Chloe



Zarga vom Busecker Schloss
1992 – unknown


Bazi vom Haus Schoal
1988 –


Ryker vom Polarstern
1986 – 2000


CH Woodstock’s Maggie Mae CD(X) TD SchH1
1985 – 2000
Duncan of Cheshire 1984
McCloud of Lodestar
1984 – 1986


CH Cheshire’s Shady Lady CD TD
1981 – 1994


Junkyard Jake ca. 1980 –


Rian’s (Nelson’s) Sussie ca. 1980
Logan of Cheshire
1977 –


Incense Cedar of Cheshire


Reyna ca. 1977
Jezzeriah Brown Dog ca. 1972
Lady ca. 1970

the deerhound

Sana’s Tii of the Blue Nile


Cambria’s Sana Sana ca. 1964