Zappa du Loups du Soleil IPO3 Brevet CDX

b. 22 December 2008
OFA Excellent BM-2233E27M-VPI
Elbows normal BM-EL1164M27-VPI
CERF BM-350037


Pi du Loups du Soleil MR2
Feist du Loups du Soleil FR3, MR3, IPO3 (OFA BM-1428G48M-PI)
Maia Ot Vitosha SchH1 (OFA BM-1224E24F-PI)
Fauxtois Domaine du Soleil MR2, FR1 Gaston du Chenil Victoire FR1, NPL1, FDCh, BH, TT, CGC
CH Notoire des Ombres Valereaux SchH2, MR1, FR1, CD, CGC, TT

Zappa’s puppy name was Zoolander. From among the eleven puppies from two litters playing together, you could pick him out immediately: there he was, striking a pose “look at me!”
Zappa could be a show dog if we cared. Although he has the short working dog coat and not the plush coat with thick undercoat AKC judges prefer, he is balanced and harmonious and never puts a foot down wrong.

In tracking, he is naturally slow and methodical. In obedience, he has all the flair and energy you would expect. In protection, he bites hard, full, and calm. He is clear headed and strong.