Zappa du Loups du Soleil IPO1 CDX

b. 22 Decem­ber 2008
OFA Excel­lent BM-2233E27M-VPI
Elbows nor­mal BM-EL1164M27-VPI
CERF BM-350037


Pi du Loups du Soleil MR2
Feist du Loups du Soleil FR3, MR3, IPO3 (OFA BM-1428G48M-PI)
Maia Ot Vitosha SchH1 (OFA BM-1224E24F-PI)
Faux­tois Domaine du Soleil MR2FR1 Gaston du Chenil Vic­toire FR1, NPL1, FDCh, BH, TTCGC
CH Notoire des Ombres Valer­eaux SchH2, MR1, FR1, CD, CGCTT

Zappa’s puppy name was Zoolan­der. From among the eleven pup­pies from two lit­ters play­ing together, you could pick him out imme­di­ately: there he was, strik­ing a pose “look at me!“
Zappa could be a show dog if we cared. Although he has the short work­ing dog coat and not the plush coat with thick under­coat AKC judges prefer, he is bal­anced and har­mo­ni­ous and never puts a foot down wrong.

In track­ing, he is nat­ur­ally slow and meth­od­ical. In obed­i­ence, he has all the flair and energy you would expect. In pro­tec­tion, he bites hard, full, and calm. He is clear headed and strong.

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