Dax vom Polarstern IPO1 CD

b. 09 August 2007
OFA Good GS-84300G43M-VPI
CERF GS-349647

Balu aus der Eichen­dorff­sied­lung
SchH3 KKL 1 “a”
Gary vom Erlen­busch SchH3
Fenzy vom Fegel­hof SchH1
Saga vom Grüne­wald SchH2 Bodie vom Tief­en­wald SchH3
Citty von der Schiff­slache SchH 3

When I was look­ing for a dog to breed Saga to, I asked Michael Ellis. I was look­ing for a smart, bid­dable dog to help bal­ance Saga’s tra­di­tional shep­herd tem­pera­ment. Mike recom­men­ded Balu, say­ing he was a very smart dog and one of the nicest shep­herds in the country.

Dax is truly a think­ing dog, much smarter than his mother! He loves to work and loves to prob­lem solve and learn new things.

Dax is a ser­i­ous dog with a per­son­al­ity. His nick-name is “Roo”, for he roo-roo’s and sings when excited. He’s a goober in the house, con­stantly under­foot with an expect­ant air “can we do some­thing together?” He stares at you with his head cocked, his lip caught over the edge of a tooth, and begs to do some­thing, any­thing! He retrieves everything, from the smal­lest feather or piece of fluff, to a downed tree.

He is neut­ral to other dogs and also to people. He is an excel­lent guard and per­sonal pro­tec­tion dog. He is calm and neut­ral in crowds, has no sur­face idio­syn­cra­cies, yet if push came to shove, I have no doubt he would pro­tect me with his life.

In track­ing, he is slower and more meth­od­ical than his mother; in obed­i­ence he is quick and engaged, with fast retrieves and excel­lent heel­ing. He is very much a “think­ing” dog, and very focused and engaged. In pro­tec­tion, he is a “real” dog, with a deep, mean­ing­ful, ser­i­ous, bark and hold, full calm grips. Strong and powerful.