Dax vom Polarstern IPO3 CD

b. 09 August 2007
OFA Good GS-84300G43M-VPI
CERF GS-349647

Balu aus der Eichendorffsiedlung
SchH3 KKL 1 “a”
Gary vom Erlenbusch SchH3
Fenzy vom Fegelhof SchH1
Saga vom Grünewald SchH2 Bodie vom Tiefenwald SchH3
Citty von der Schiffslache SchH 3

When I was looking for a dog to breed Saga to, I asked Michael Ellis. I was looking for a smart, biddable dog to help balance Saga’s traditional shepherd temperament. Mike recommended Balu, saying he was a very smart dog and one of the nicest shepherds in the country.

Dax is truly a thinking dog, much smarter than his mother! He loves to work and loves to problem solve and learn new things.

Dax is a serious dog with a personality. His nick-name is “Roo”, for he roo-roo’s and sings when excited. He’s a goober in the house, constantly underfoot with an expectant air “can we do something together?” He stares at you with his head cocked, his lip caught over the edge of a tooth, and begs to do something, anything! He retrieves everything, from the smallest feather or piece of fluff, to a downed tree.

He is neutral to other dogs and also to people. He is an excellent guard and personal protection dog. He is calm and neutral in crowds, has no surface idiosyncracies, yet if push came to shove, I have no doubt he would protect me with his life.

In tracking, he is slower and more methodical than his mother; in obedience he is quick and engaged, with fast retrieves and excellent heeling. He is very much a “thinking” dog, and very focused and engaged. In protection, he is a “real” dog, with a deep, meaningful, serious, bark and hold, full calm grips. Strong and powerful.