Guys, when they suf­fer from a mid­life crisis, get Har­ley Dav­id­sons. Girls get horses.

We star­ted with Ghost thanks to friend Jes­sica, who thought we needed a pony. That was the begin­ning of the end of our good rela­tion­ship with our neigh­bours. Appar­ently 1) ponies aren’t appre­ci­ated by real Montana horse­men, and 2) mares aren’t either.

Then I went to a horse sale just to see what was avail­able, and found myself bid­ding on a nice buck­skin geld­ing. I was sure someone would up my bid of $900, and when they didn’t, I came home with my first horse. Then there was Mikey, a retired bar­rel horse… then Pearl, then Chica and finally Dom­ino. Now it’s time to start downs­iz­ing! It’s hard to travel when you’re tied down to livestock.

Buck dur­ing a horse roundup

We’ve had sev­eral over the years… they don’t get much time, but they’re happy being horses. Below is Chica await­ing her rider Derek.