Miller Ridge Cosmic Corbie
12 May 2002 – 29 November 2017
The best kid’s dog ever.

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Izzy repeats MR1

Izzy du Loups du Soleil repeated her Mondioring 1 title at the Heartland Working Dog Club Fall Trial.

Judge Aida Flick, Decoys John E. Lugo and Zack Kiser, photos by Noah Schroeder

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Tripping down memory lane

Samie and Cambria’s Sana Sana, March 1965

You know those piles of boxes full of photographs you’re going to go through “someday”? I’m actually doing that! And while I’m organising and dating everything, I’m also scanning and uploading them to various websites. Here’s a picture of me waaay back in March of 1965 preparing my Basenji Sana for an upcoming conformation show.

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Great trial!

Great trial for the Jones family: Lexi & Warren earned their IPO3, and Dax and sam earned their IPO1. Zappa and sam got their BH on Saturday and went on to earn their IPO 1 on Sunday! All in all, a great trial!

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Lexi earns IPO2

Lexi and I got a 265=95/90/80p with Al Govednik here at home this weekend. Thanks to Samie for the “Big Trade” and for putting such a great foundation on this girl. Thanks to all my club members for all their hard work putting on a very smooth trial. …and to our friend & helper Craig Lewis & his delightful spouse & training partner Kelley for all their time & travel. … and a special congrats to Peter DeKok & Vise for their first SChH 1 and to Anne Camper and Bekqa for their FH1.

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Harley du Loups du Soleil SchH3, IPO3, CD, RN, NAC, NT


Rest in peace, my friend, I’ll see you on the other side.

Harley succumbed to his cancer and died much too soon on 13th March 2011. There was still so much we wanted to do with him. Warren had worked hard to overcome some tracking issues and was looking forward to getting an FH this summer. And Sam enjoyed working him in agility and was looking forward to having him available more often now that he was retired from Schutzhund. And he was just about ready for his CDX, just needing some polishing before the shows started this spring. Cancer is never fair.

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born 17 June 2000 – died 13 December 2010

When I got home from work Monday night about 5:45 pm, the two malinois boys were all over me like a hot shower as usual, but once I got the boys out of my way, Saga and Baley stood side by side with their feet up on the crate in the kitchen, wagging, and leaning into me for pets, completely ignoring each other (both of which are a bit unusual).  Everybody just one big happy pack.

Derek and I chatted about some things like having him go see his Mom in San Diego over Christmas. The dogs chilled while I made a couple of pork chops and a salad, while Derek went and fed the horses. About 7:10 pm, I went down to feed the dogs, and was surprised that Saga didn’t make an appearance. Knowing Derek was eating his dinner, and there were still cats about to be stared at, I figured she got sidetracked.

But when I got back upstairs, Saga was lying under the side table with rather labored breathing and looking very lethargic. I called her to me, and she looked like it was hard to stand up, but came over for pets. As soon as I stopped petting her, she just lay down where she stood. I knew we had a serious problem, so called Sue, our vet. After listening to a quick (for me!) synopsis of the symptoms, Sue recommended pet emergency care, as they could do bloodwork and everything on the spot.

So I got a leash on Saga (who now was looking really out of it) and got her to get up and come down the stairs with me, and out the front door. She flopped down in the snow as soon as I stopped making her move and this time it was really hard to get her back up. I lifted her into the car and took off for the clinic. On the way, I could hear her labored breathing in the back, and I noticed as I was getting off the freeway that it was smelling like poop in the car. By the time I pulled up to the clinic and opened the back of the car, she wasn’t breathing. I moved her as fast as I could and perhaps got a breath or two out of her before getting to the door of the clinic. By the time she was through the door, her bowels and bladder had let go, and there was no pulse on the table. They were prepared to do epinephrine and intubate, etc., but it seemed clear it was pointless, so I made the decision to stop their efforts and just leave her in peace. I didn’t lose it until I realized I would have to explain all this to my poor wife, who was 1500 miles away in San Diego.

The techs (none of whose names I got) and vet (Rick Woods) at the clinic were great, very supportive, understanding. But they had another patient at the time too, that looked touch and go, so it was better they focused on that one, anyway.

We initially thought it was probably spleenic hermangiosarcoma, unfortunately common in German shepherd dogs.

Sue did a post-mortem on Saga, and said her stomach and all intestines were empty, spleen and other organs, liver, kidneys, etc all normal, so toxic substances and poisons are ruled out as well as many other possibilities. Considering the speed at which this came on, she is sure it was a blood clot to the aorta or one of the pulmonary arteries – nothing we could anticipate or fix.

While all of this has come as a shock to us, Saga was 10 years old.  She was actually looking pretty good these days, and had occasional fits of silliness, which are pretty amusing in such an otherwise serious dog.  Life was good, all things considered.  But I guess in some ways, this was better than some long drawn-out illness.  Of course we all wish we had had the opportunity to do more that we did, and that’s certainly true in her case, but she had a good life.  We’ll all miss her.

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Lexi SchH1 and Dax new BH!

Lexi earned her SchH 1 under SV Judge Jakob Meyer at Treasure Valley Working Dog Association in Midland (Boise) Idaho. She did well, given the lack of training and proofing she’s had. Tracking 82; Obedience 90; Protection 86 P.

She did okay in tracking with the exception of some gopher hunting which was not only a training issue, but tracklayer error.  Halfway down the second leg, there were some huge
animal burrows. Rather than trying to help my dog and turning before the burrows (thus making a short second leg) I tried to skirt the edges of them instead. Lexi of course had to investigate each burrow, even trying to help with remodeling. After several extra commands, she continued the track and we passed with an 82.

In obedience, she “V’d” heeling, got SGs in retrieves, but failed the go-out by going to the dumbbell rack: 90 pts. I was pleased with her performance on a new field.

He protection work wasn’t stellar… She hasn’t worked on a helper other than her Dad, Warren, since Michael was out in May. And, she didn’t have a chance to practice with the helper before hand. But enough with the excuses! She got 86 (pronounced) in protection. With regular work I know she’d do much better.

Dax pulled it together with very little preparation and got his BH. I’m very proud of him!

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