Tripping down memory lane

Samie and Cambria’s Sana Sana, March 1965

You know those piles of boxes full of pho­to­graphs you’re going to go through “someday”? I’m actu­ally doing that! And while I’m organ­ising and dat­ing everything, I’m also scan­ning and upload­ing them to vari­ous web­sites. Here’s a pic­ture of me waaay back in March of 1965 pre­par­ing my Basenji Sana for an upcom­ing con­form­a­tion show.

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Great trial!

Great trial for the Jones fam­ily: Lexi & War­ren earned their IPO3, and Dax and sam earned their IPO1. Zappa and sam got their BH on Sat­urday and went on to earn their IPO 1 on Sunday! All in all, a great trial!

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Lexi earns IPO2

Lexi and I got a 265=95/90/80p with Al Goved­nik here at home this week­end. Thanks to Samie for the “Big Trade” and for put­ting such a great found­a­tion on this girl. Thanks to all my club mem­bers for all their hard work put­ting on a very smooth trial. …and to our friend & helper Craig Lewis & his delight­ful spouse & train­ing part­ner Kel­ley for all their time & travel. … and a spe­cial con­grats to Peter DeKok & Vise for their first SChH 1 and to Anne Camper and Bekqa for their FH1.

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Har­ley du Loups du Soleil SchH3, IPO3, CD, RN, NACNT


Rest in peace, my friend, I’ll see you on the other side.

Har­ley suc­cumbed to his can­cer and died much too soon on 13th March 2011. There was still so much we wanted to do with him. War­ren had worked hard to over­come some track­ing issues and was look­ing for­ward to get­ting an FH this sum­mer. And Sam enjoyed work­ing him in agil­ity and was look­ing for­ward to hav­ing him avail­able more often now that he was retired from Schutzhund. And he was just about ready for his CDX, just need­ing some pol­ish­ing before the shows star­ted this spring. Can­cer is never fair.

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born 17 June 2000 — died 13 Decem­ber 2010

When I got home from work Monday night about 5:45 pm, the two malin­ois boys were all over me like a hot shower as usual, but once I got the boys out of my way, Saga and Baley stood side by side with their feet up on the crate in the kit­chen, wag­ging, and lean­ing into me for pets, com­pletely ignor­ing each other (both of which are a bit unusual).  Every­body just one big happy pack.

Derek and I chat­ted about some things like hav­ing him go see his Mom in San Diego over Christ­mas. The dogs chilled while I made a couple of pork chops and a salad, while Derek went and fed the horses. About 7:10 pm, I went down to feed the dogs, and was sur­prised that Saga didn’t make an appear­ance. Know­ing Derek was eat­ing his din­ner, and there were still cats about to be stared at, I figured she got sidetracked.

But when I got back upstairs, Saga was lying under the side table with rather labored breath­ing and look­ing very leth­ar­gic. I called her to me, and she looked like it was hard to stand up, but came over for pets. As soon as I stopped pet­ting her, she just lay down where she stood. I knew we had a ser­i­ous prob­lem, so called Sue, our vet. After listen­ing to a quick (for me!) syn­op­sis of the symp­toms, Sue recom­men­ded pet emer­gency care, as they could do blood­work and everything on the spot.

So I got a leash on Saga (who now was look­ing really out of it) and got her to get up and come down the stairs with me, and out the front door. She flopped down in the snow as soon as I stopped mak­ing her move and this time it was really hard to get her back up. I lif­ted her into the car and took off for the clinic. On the way, I could hear her labored breath­ing in the back, and I noticed as I was get­ting off the free­way that it was smelling like poop in the car. By the time I pulled up to the clinic and opened the back of the car, she wasn’t breath­ing. I moved her as fast as I could and per­haps got a breath or two out of her before get­ting to the door of the clinic. By the time she was through the door, her bowels and blad­der had let go, and there was no pulse on the table. They were pre­pared to do epi­neph­rine and intub­ate, etc., but it seemed clear it was point­less, so I made the decision to stop their efforts and just leave her in peace. I didn’t lose it until I real­ized I would have to explain all this to my poor wife, who was 1500 miles away in San Diego.

The techs (none of whose names I got) and vet (Rick Woods) at the clinic were great, very sup­port­ive, under­stand­ing. But they had another patient at the time too, that looked touch and go, so it was bet­ter they focused on that one, anyway.

We ini­tially thought it was prob­ably spleenic her­man­giosar­coma, unfor­tu­nately com­mon in Ger­man shep­herd dogs.

Sue did a post-mortem on Saga, and said her stom­ach and all intest­ines were empty, spleen and other organs, liver, kid­neys, etc all nor­mal, so toxic sub­stances and pois­ons are ruled out as well as many other pos­sib­il­it­ies. Con­sid­er­ing the speed at which this came on, she is sure it was a blood clot to the aorta or one of the pul­mon­ary arter­ies – noth­ing we could anti­cip­ate or fix.

While all of this has come as a shock to us, Saga was 10 years old.  She was actu­ally look­ing pretty good these days, and had occa­sional fits of sil­li­ness, which are pretty amus­ing in such an oth­er­wise ser­i­ous dog.  Life was good, all things con­sidered.  But I guess in some ways, this was bet­ter than some long drawn-out ill­ness.  Of course we all wish we had had the oppor­tun­ity to do more that we did, and that’s cer­tainly true in her case, but she had a good life.  We’ll all miss her.

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Lexi SchH1 and Dax new BH!

Lexi earned her SchH 1 under SV Judge Jakob Meyer at Treas­ure Val­ley Work­ing Dog Asso­ci­ation in Mid­land (Boise) Idaho. She did well, given the lack of train­ing and proof­ing she’s had. Track­ing 82; Obed­i­ence 90; Pro­tec­tion 86 P.

She did okay in track­ing with the excep­tion of some gopher hunt­ing which was not only a train­ing issue, but track­layer error.  Halfway down the second leg, there were some huge
animal bur­rows. Rather than try­ing to help my dog and turn­ing before the bur­rows (thus mak­ing a short second leg) I tried to skirt the edges of them instead. Lexi of course had to invest­ig­ate each bur­row, even try­ing to help with remod­el­ing. After sev­eral extra com­mands, she con­tin­ued the track and we passed with an 82.

In obed­i­ence, she “V’d” heel­ing, got SGs in retrieves, but failed the go-out by going to the dumb­bell rack: 90 pts. I was pleased with her per­form­ance on a new field.

He pro­tec­tion work wasn’t stel­lar… She hasn’t worked on a helper other than her Dad, War­ren, since Michael was out in May. And, she didn’t have a chance to prac­tice with the helper before hand. But enough with the excuses! She got 86 (pro­nounced) in pro­tec­tion. With reg­u­lar work I know she’d do much better.

Dax pulled it together with very little pre­par­a­tion and got his BH. I’m very proud of him!

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