About Us

DJ, Saga & Bubba, 2001

We’ve been in Montana since the winter of ’86. Before that we lived in the flat­lands of California’s cent­ral val­ley, in the fantasy town of Davis.

We were mem­bers of the Davis Dog Train­ing Club and were intro­duced to Schutzhund and track­ing by Bill & Car­o­lyn Dot­son (now of Vir­ginia) and their Black Dogs, espe­cially Greenfield’s Fleur des Lis.

Liv­ing in Davis we were just a short dis­tance from vari­ous Schutzhund clubs which we vis­ited occa­sion­ally, but it took mov­ing to Montana, where it was a 400 mile drive to the next nearest club, to get com­pet­it­ively involved. Vis­it­ing Ger­mans shake their heads and mut­ter “Crazy Amer­ic­ans” when we tell them how far we drive to train! The friend­ship and camaraderie of clubs in Wash­ing­ton, Utah, Col­or­ado, Cali­for­nia and Alberta have made it all worthwhile.

Big Sky Schutzhund Club was formed in the mid-1990s, giv­ing us the struc­ture to hold annual tri­als and sem­inars. And in 2009, War­ren became a per­form­ance judge for United Schutzhund Clubs of Amer­ica and was also Regional Dir­ector of the Pacific North­w­est Region of the USCA.

WJ’s other hobby

Sam keeps busy with a mobile store selling sport and agil­ity dog sup­plies called K9FUN Store, teaches classes and private instruc­tion in obed­i­ence and com­pet­i­tion, agil­ity and com­pan­ion dogs for dis­abled, blogs about dog train­ing, designs tee shirts and other dog sport apparel, and does web design and graphics.

Fall 2008

Our son DJ was born in 1994. To prove to ourselves and every­one else that our lives weren’t going to change, we got a puppy that was born two days after DJ. Cindy was a won­der­ful fam­ily dog, but she didn’t get nearly as much train­ing as she deserved!

DJ loves the dogs, but isn’t inter­ested in dog train­ing or com­pet­ing in dog tri­als of any sort. And he really doesn’t think Schutzhund is cool, what’s up with that? He loves his Aus­sie, Cor­bie, and likes the Ger­man shep­herds — he espe­cially likes mess­ing with Dax and mak­ing him go “rooo roo” — but he says he’ll never own a malin­ois when he grows up. No way.

Christ­mas 1994
Cindy, Ryker, Chloe (Santa) Derek, Mag­gie, Hawk, Bazi

Sum­mer in Montana

Rosie, Hawk, Ryker (behind), Cindy & DJ ca. 1999

One of our favour­ite places — Theos Pizza in Ocean Beach, San Diego. No longer there, unfor­tu­nately. Now it’s some yup­pie bistro.

Theos Ocean Beach

Theos Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, 2005

Ocean Beach, winter 2005

Ocean Beach

The OB pier