Lexi SchH1 and Dax new BH!

Lexi earned her SchH 1 under SV Judge Jakob Meyer at Treas­ure Val­ley Work­ing Dog Asso­ci­ation in Mid­land (Boise) Idaho. She did well, given the lack of train­ing and proof­ing she’s had. Track­ing 82; Obed­i­ence 90; Pro­tec­tion 86 P.

She did okay in track­ing with the excep­tion of some gopher hunt­ing which was not only a train­ing issue, but track­layer error.  Halfway down the second leg, there were some huge
animal bur­rows. Rather than try­ing to help my dog and turn­ing before the bur­rows (thus mak­ing a short second leg) I tried to skirt the edges of them instead. Lexi of course had to invest­ig­ate each bur­row, even try­ing to help with remod­el­ing. After sev­eral extra com­mands, she con­tin­ued the track and we passed with an 82.

In obed­i­ence, she “V’d” heel­ing, got SGs in retrieves, but failed the go-out by going to the dumb­bell rack: 90 pts. I was pleased with her per­form­ance on a new field.

He pro­tec­tion work wasn’t stel­lar… She hasn’t worked on a helper other than her Dad, War­ren, since Michael was out in May. And, she didn’t have a chance to prac­tice with the helper before hand. But enough with the excuses! She got 86 (pro­nounced) in pro­tec­tion. With reg­u­lar work I know she’d do much better.

Dax pulled it together with very little pre­par­a­tion and got his BH. I’m very proud of him!

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