Lexi SchH1 and Dax new BH!

Lexi earned her SchH 1 under SV Judge Jakob Meyer at Treasure Valley Working Dog Association in Midland (Boise) Idaho. She did well, given the lack of training and proofing she’s had. Tracking 82; Obedience 90; Protection 86 P.

She did okay in tracking with the exception of some gopher hunting which was not only a training issue, but tracklayer error.  Halfway down the second leg, there were some huge
animal burrows. Rather than trying to help my dog and turning before the burrows (thus making a short second leg) I tried to skirt the edges of them instead. Lexi of course had to investigate each burrow, even trying to help with remodeling. After several extra commands, she continued the track and we passed with an 82.

In obedience, she “V’d” heeling, got SGs in retrieves, but failed the go-out by going to the dumbbell rack: 90 pts. I was pleased with her performance on a new field.

He protection work wasn’t stellar… She hasn’t worked on a helper other than her Dad, Warren, since Michael was out in May. And, she didn’t have a chance to practice with the helper before hand. But enough with the excuses! She got 86 (pronounced) in protection. With regular work I know she’d do much better.

Dax pulled it together with very little preparation and got his BH. I’m very proud of him!

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